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TRANS|COVER™ - White GoodsTransitSolution_Gallery3 (1).jpgTransitSolution_Gallery4 (1).jpgTransitSolution_Gallery5 (1).jpgTransitSolution_Gallery6 (2).jpgTransitSolution_Gallery13 (1).jpgTransitSolution_Gallery14 (1).jpgTransitSolution_Gallery15 (1).jpg

We currently offer 3 configurations to accommodate standalone Fridge Freezers, Under Counter and Range Cooker appliances.
The cover features a wrap-around shell design closed by a full- length velcro strip (Fridge Freezer) or industrial grade zips (Under Counter / Range Cooker) and secured to a high-density polypropylene mold base by high-load webbing and QR buckles, which facilitates easy loading/unloading.
Integral to the design is the use of our unique AIR|SHIELD™ sheets, providing protection for most extreme forward and reverse logistic environments. The sheets are easily accessed for maintenance and servicing requirements.
The Under Counter and Range Cooker cover features a Top to Bottom double AIR|SHIELD™ configuration, developed to project the most delicate glass hob cookers and has 3 -sided AIR|SHIELD™ protection.
Carry handles have been specifically located in ergonomic and safe lifting positions to support maneuvering of heavy bulky sofa and chairs in the most challenging delivery locations.
 The covers are easily stowed away in a convenient carry bag and ready for the next leg!
Download the TRANS|COVER™ White Goods Infosheet and discover the full range of Features and Benefits. 

  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Rental / Lease Scheme available
  • Significant cost savings by reducing Damage on Arrival, Repair and Parts Costs
  • Increased revenue by reducing BER and increasing resale values
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – no disposal waste packaging material
  • Enhance company image – improved customer service
  • Warrant and Out of Warranty repair service
  • RFID Tagging option available
  • End of Life / Disposal options

The benefits of protective packaging

Environmentally Responsible

A fully recyclable product that also reduces external carton sizes - reducing packaging material and transport cost, waste and CO2 emissions.


Improved Protection

AIR|SHIELD™ innovative protective properties significantly reduce damage in the most challenging distribution networks.



All our products are reusable and recyclable. Unrivalled waste and transaction savings within closed loop supply chains. 


Simplified Handling

Delivered palletized either flat or on rolls, our solutions will increase your packing performance, reduce cost and increase productivity.


Reduce Storage Space

Minimal storage required compared to other solutions such as EPS or Styrofoam and reductions in carton SKU ranges, saving money and space.


Reduced Volumetric Size

Reduces volumetric dimensions by up to 30% - lower shipment costs of single parcels and increases pallet utilisation.


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